What the FAQ?

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When will my order arrive?

Orders are shipped within 1-3 days after being placed or at the date that you specify us to ship the order (You have the ability to choose the date for us to ship it. This is not the delivery date. It is the day we will ship the order). We cannot guarantee a certain day at which the package is to arrive, so please order accordingly, to our shipping rates. We have 2 shipping rates. USPS First Class (4 - 7 business days delivery) and USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days delivery). USPS delivers packages Monday-Saturday. If ordering past 10 am PST on a Friday, your package will be shipped the following Monday.

Where is my order confirmation?

All customers get an automatic email sent to them after a purchase is made. If you did not get the email, please make sure that we are on your email's "safelist" and that the emails are not going into your SPAM folder.

Do You Put A Receipt In The Package?

We never include any any receipts, invoices, etc in the package. However, we do include a Quirky Parcel logo sticker!

Can My Order Be Delivered On an Exact Date?

No. We cannot guarantee delivery on a certain day as shipping times vary depending on location. However, you can specify which day you would like us to ship the order. This can be any date in the future. This is not the delivery day, it is the day we will ship the order. You will still have to wait for the shipping times based on our available shipping options.

Where Do you Ship From?

We ship from Southern California. Los Angeles to be exact.

Can I Change The Shipping Address?

You must email us to do this, as you cannot change the shipping address yourself. Please email us immediately at to change the shipping address and name of the recipient. Please include your order number when you email us.

Do you offer shipping protection?

We now offer shipping insurance on your packages! This is optional for all customers at checkout. Should you choose to use it, it costs $0.98 cents per order and covers lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed packages. If you have any other questions about this service, please ask!

Do you offer discounted rates for bulk orders for corporate or event gifting?

Yes we do! Please email us at with any questions or order details and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Will The Person That I Am Sending The Mango To, Know That I Was The One Who Sent It To Them?

That is up to you! The orders can be anonymous or not. We will never show your shipping address as the return address. It will only show our shipping address and the recipient's on the package. We will also never show your email. That is why it is very important to enter YOUR email and the RECIPIENT'S shipping address at checkout. If you want the person to know that it was from you, simply write your name in the message. For example "Love, Stacy."

What Type Of Package Will My Order Arrive In?

It will come in our white gift box along with black crinkle paper inside.

What Type Of Message Can I Send?

We allow all kinds of fun messages! We also allow profanity. However, we do not allow hateful, harmful, or threatening messages and we will not process orders with messages that have wording like this. In this instance, we will either cancel your order or ask you to change your message.

What type of image can I upload?

We allow all kinds of fun images! However, we do not allow nudity of any kind, or images that can be interpreted as harmful or threatening. If such kind of image is uploaded, we will contact you to replace the image with one that abides by our policies.

Can I Edit My Message/Image, Even If I've Already Placed My Order?

Yes! If you have not received the "order shipped" email from us that means we have not shipped your order yet. If this is the case, please email us as soon as possible and let us know of the change in the message or picture and we will edit it for you.

Can My Message Be Anonymous?

Yes, it can! If you would like the message to be anonymous, simply do not give any clues that the mango was from you. Meaning, do not write your name on the message! Please note that we do not send harassing, threatening, hateful messages. We read every message and will ask you to change it if we think it is not a friendly message. If someone emails us feeling harassed by a potato they received, we may reveal your identity to avoid conflict with ourselves and the receiver.

Is My Return Address On The Package That Is Going To My Recipient?

No. We only show Quirky Parcel's return address on the package and the actual shipping address of the package (Not your address!)

Do You Do Drawings?

We do not do drawings, however if you enter an emoji as part of your message, we will try our best to draw it out.

My Quirky Merch Item Did Not Arrive With My Mango Order – Why?

If you purchase anything from our quirky merch section, please allow up to 3 days for production as these products are printed as they are ordered. Also, if you purchase a mango and a merch product in the same order, then they will arrive in 2 separate packages and you will receive 2 different tracking numbers.

Can I Ship A Mango Outside Of The U.S.?

Yes! Please check out our International tab to see which countries we sell in with links to buy.

Whose Shipping Address and Email Do I Enter At Checkout?

At Quirky Parcel, we love sending potato messages to other people. So please enter the RECIPIENT'S shipping address, so that the potato can go to them (Unless you are sending a potato to yourself!) Also, please enter YOUR email on shipping information. If you enter the recipient's email in the shipping information, then they will get the order confirmation email and know that you are sending them the potato. You don't want to ruin the surprise!

Do you ship to American Army Bases (APO/FPO/DPO addresses)?

Yes, we do! Please make sure to enter the shipping address correctly so that it arrives.

Where Do I Enter My Message?

On the product page, where it says "Enter your custom message here". Please remember to do this or we cannot process your order. If you just want an image on the potato, that is all that is required.

​How Many Words Can Fit On My Mango?

We have a 100 character limit on mangoes. Why? Because we cannot fit more than that on them.

How Do I Order A Mango Pal/Postcard?

Upload your image on the product page and add the item to your cart! Then finish completing the order. Remember to enter YOUR email and the RECIPIENT'S shipping address.

Can I Eat The Mango I Receive?

No. We do not recommend eating these mangoes as they have ink and can pick up bacteria during the shipping process. We are not liable for any sickness if you eat the mangoes!